Race against Usain Bolt in the world’s first ever sports theme park

A trip to Barcelona next year could see you competing against the fastest man alive or being a professional footballer for the day

Forget bone-chilling roller coasters, water slides and people dressed as Disney characters, a new £16 million, Barcelona-based theme park will pay homage to all things sport.


In 2015, visitors to Open Camp will be able to learn about Olympians, celebrity footballers and skiers, and then compete against their favourite stars in 50 virtual experiences.

New preview footage shows people trying various disciplines, from swimming to ski jumping on simulators. It’s also been promised that participants can opt to race the fastest man alive – Usain Bolt.

Top scoring visitors each day can also experience what it’s like to stand on a winner’s podium. Park organisers will award the best performers with gold, silver and bronze medals.

Barcelona hosted the Olympics in 1992, and it’s believed Open Camp will give the city’s “neglected” sporting venues a new lease of life. An Open Camp spokesperson explained that “the best technology on the planet” will be used to build this “sportainment” complex.

The project, which is expected to be finished in 2015, will create around 250 jobs in the city and make up to £42 million in annual ticket fees, which will be priced at between £15 and £23 each.

Even the unfit will enjoy the park, claims Open Camp’s promoter Francesc Medina; “even people with a beer gut,” he says.


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