The Super Bowl is a remarkable theatre for drama, a crucible for glass ceilings to be crashed through.


Some of the biggest, most memorable plays in the NFL have come in the showpiece game throughout its history.

Jake Moody's 55-yard field goal at Super Bowl LVIII went down in the Hall of Fame after breaking the record for the longest boot in the history of the Super Bowl.

Remarkably, Moody's record lasted a couple of hours maximum as his opposite number Harrison Butker broke the record again in the same game.

However, his effort falls nine yards short of the all-time NFL record with some monstrous kicks sailing through the posts in recent years.

More like this brings you the list of longest field goals in NFL history, including the Super Bowl.

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Longest field goals in NFL history

The NFL record was stuck on hold for decades after Tom Dempsey smashed a 63-yarder in 1970. The story of his kick is legendary. Dempsey was born without toes and therefore worse a specially designed right boot with a flat front.

However, various studies conducted have no reason to suggest Dempsey gained any form of advantage from his unconventional footwear.

In 2011, Sebastian Janikowski knocked a 63-yarder through the posts at Mile High Stadium, home of the Denver Broncos. In 1998, Jason Elam struck the same distance at Mile High.

Just over a decade ago, Matt Prater set the bar one yard higher... also at Mile High! Atmospheric pressure and density are said to have an effect on sports balls at such high altitude.

However, in 2021, Justin Tucker produced a moment of true NFL madness. His last-second field goal from 66 yards, with the game on the line, struck the bar of the posts before bouncing over and into the history books.

  1. Justin Tucker (Baltimore Ravens) – 66 yards (2021)
  2. Matt Prater (Denver Broncos) – 64 yards (2013)
  3. Tom Dempsey (New Orleans Saints) – 63 yards (1970)
  4. Jason Elam (Denver Broncos) – 63 yards (1998)
  5. Sebastian Janikowski (Oakland Raiders) – 63 yards (2011)

Longest field goals in Super Bowl history

  1. Harrison Butker (Kansas City Chiefs) – 57 yards (2023)
  2. Jake Moody (San Francisco 49ers) – 55 yards (2023)
  3. Steve Christie (Buffalo Bills) – 54 yards (1994)

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