Memories of 2012 revived in another golden summer

Colin Murray is ready for some more Olympic-esque sporting glory

Paralympians race back


Every so often, the heady aroma of London 2012 flirts with the nostrils, as we enjoy yet another summer that will be remembered, rehashed and reinvented for the rest of this century.

After Andy Murray’s Centre Court success, it’s time to revisit the 120 medals that dangled around the necks of Britain’s Paralympians, in a Games that changed the face of disabled sport and lifted its profile higher than it has ever been before — due in no small part to Channel 4’s commitment to covering it. And they’ll turn on the cameras again for the Paralympic world championships from Lyon, as rivalries are renewed between the likes of Britain’s Jonnie Peacock and the USA’s Richard Browne in the T44 100m, with both of them in sparkling form and hopefully making the final on Tuesday. Whether it’s Hannah Cockroft, Richard Whitehead, Dan Greaves or other now familiar names, let’s hope there’s more being polished than Channel 4’s Bafta mask come the end of this tournament.

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Ready, get wet, go!

On the very same day that the Paralympic action starts, so do the World Aquatics Championships in Barcelona — which serves up less happy memories, but a chance for Britain’s 27-strong squad to restore some pride after Olympic disappointment and funding cuts.

There’s diving and water polo this week, with the action in the pool starting on 28 July. Olympic 200m breaststroke silver medallist Michael Jamieson will spearhead the British assault. But he’ll be without the help of Liam Tancock and the like, left out because their events will not feature at Rio 2016. And it’s success in Brazil that those who pay for the swimming hats and goggles want to see.

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Feed that Ashes hunger


Both of the above championships should benefit, coverage-wise, from a break from the Ashes. For those suffering withdrawal symptoms, just head to the wonderful Brian Moore’s Twitter account (@brianmoore666) to satisfy you until the Third Test at Old Trafford.