Jeremy Hunt’s dropped clanger inspires disco remix

Watch the original Olympic bell-ringing gaffe - and the new musical version

A jolly photo opportunity for Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt went disastrously wrong this morning, as a defective bell almost caused the Conservative minister to decapitate a voter on live television. The clip went viral on Twitter – and now, so has a musical version of the mishap.


Hunt was participating in All the Bells, a participatory work by Turner Prize-winner Martin Creed in which people up and down the country were encouraged to ring bells at precisely 8.12am. Sadly, Hunt’s dong went wrong when a part of his instrument technically known as “the end of the bell” came loose and attacked a group of well-wishers. See the moment here, complete with Hunt’s attempts to laugh off the mishap:


Now internet time-wasters The Poke have taken the already-famous clip and set it to the obvious disco soundtrack… this one could run and run. Or ring and ring.