Guess the celebrity Speaking Clock

As David Walliams reads the time for BT and Sport Relief, we challenge you to identify some other unlikely timekeepers...

If you dial 123 at the moment, you’ll get a little surprise… David Walliams is reading out the time to help raise funds for Sport Relief. In fact, every time you set your watch to his voice from a BT landline, the telecoms giant has pledged to donate 10p to the charity. It looks like it’s good to listen, eh?


But Walliams isn’t the only celebrity to have recorded the time in the name of charity – so we thought we’d set you a little quiz.

It’s simple really. Below are seven famous voices performing the duties of the Speaking Clock – all you have to do is identify as many as you can.

The answers are below the seventh clip, so no cheating. The very best of luck…

Thanks for playing.

How did you do – did you get them all?

If you enjoyed the game, please make a donation to Sport Relief – click here to find out how.

The answers are:

1. Kimberley Walsh

2. Gary Barlow

3. Fearne Cotton

4. Chris Moyles

5. David Walliams

6. Cheryl Cole


7. Lenny Henry