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Golf fans teed off as BBC shows Homes Under the Hammer and Bargain Hunt instead of British Open

The decision to continue with the daytime TV stalwarts rather than cover the early stages of the final round from St Andrews left some viewers unimpressed logo
Published: Monday, 20th July 2015 at 11:54 am

The last time we saw Homes Under the Hammer trending on Twitter was back in April when Dion Dublin was unveiled as a new presenter, and the consensus then was pretty positive. This time around, though, many viewers were a lot less impressed, after discovering that the BBC had decided to air a repeat of the property show, along with other daytime stalwarts like Bargain Hunt, rather than coverage of the postponed final day of British Open golf from St Andrews.


Tweets were littered with words like "shambles" and "disgraceful"...

...there was sarcasm...

And even some Homes Under the Hammer fans were unimpressed...

The fourth and final round of the golf should have been completed on Sunday but gale force winds on preceding days saw play delayed. The BBC extended its coverage on Friday night and across the weekend but chose not to interrupt Monday's scheduled daytime shows.

A BBC Sport spokesperson told in a statement that Monday's coverage would follow the leading players, who tee off after those at the bottom of the table who began at 7:45am.

"Our key aim today is to fully tell the most important story – who will win the Open – and make the very best use of our resources on this extra day's play," said the spokesperson. "We will be following the leaderboard top ten from the start of their rounds to their finish plus the continued action from those that started before them – so audiences won’t miss any of the key action as it unfolds.”


Monday's coverage of the Golf begins at 1:45pm on BBC1


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