Game of Thrones fans are rooting for Aussie highjumper Brandon Starc at Rio 2016

#HouseStarc is now a thing as GoT fans back the Aussie high jumper


Game of Thrones fans are throwing their weight behind a certain high jumper: Brandon Starc.


Ok, so the spelling of the Australian Olympian’s name isn’t exactly the same as the character – Bran Stark – but it’s pretty darn close to the youngest surviving member of Ned Stark’s family.

As such #HouseStarc has become a thing ahead of Wednesday’s men’s high jump final…

When two worlds collide, it’s a lovely thing.

GoT fans have their winner:

And, as if that wasn’t enough, he is in fact the brother of Australia’s opening bowler Mitchell Starc.

Starc himself is really rather enjoying all of the support


Let’s hope medals are coming…