Formula 1 2013 team guide: Infiniti Red Bull

The defending champions have opted for a gentle evolution of their car this year - will that be enough to hold of the challenge of Ferrari?

Founded: 2005


Based: Milton Keynes

Constructor’s titles: 3

Drivers’ titles: 3

Engine: Renault V8

2012 points: 460

2012 championship position: 1st

Team principal: Christian Horner

Technical director: Adrian Newey

Drivers: Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber

Infiniti by name but not, their rivals will hope, by nature. The Red Bull winning streak currently runs to six consecutive titles –  three each in the constructors’ and drivers championships’ since 2010 – and the smart money is on them to clean up again this time.

The man behind the monopoly is technical director Adrian Newey, the Steve Jobs of motor racing. Newey is a world-class designer and the only man to have won constructor’s championships with three different F1 teams.

His value to Red Bull is underscored by their decision to offer him a reported $10 million-a-year contract to leave McLaren in 2006, and the wider recognition that, since then, he’s put together the best car in the business.

The big question this time around, though, is whether that car is still ahead of the chasing pack.

Amid rumours that the team blew their budget on mid-season modifications last year, Newey has admitted there will be only minor tweaks to the 2012 incarnation.

Will that open the door for a resurgent MacLaren or Ferarri to peg them back or, with Sebastian Vettel’s sure hand at the wheel, are Infiniti destined to prolong their steady dominance into 2014 and beyond?

Did you know?

The soft drinks company bought out Jaguar Racing in November 2004 to form Red Bull Racing, with David Coulthard as its main driver.

Cockpit conflict.


The quality of the Red Bull car has led to some catty comments from drivers Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso – both have used the car’s superiority to question Sebastian Vettel’s driving ability.