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20 reasons why you should watch the Six Nations (even if you don't like rugby)

It's not just big blokes hitting each other. Honest... logo
Published: Thursday, 5th February 2015 at 8:03 am

Wales play England in the Six Nations this Friday 6 February. Oh, you didn't know? For shame.


It's ok, though. You don't have to have spent your school days trying to get over this to enjoy the Six Nations.

Here's why.

1) What other sporting event would it be OK to buy something as stupid as this?

2) Or this?

3) It's not just the Welsh...

(£2.69? Bargain.)

4) Enough with the hats. What about the songs?

5) After all, it's not just the fans who can sing.

Yes, that's Scotland's Kelly Brown delivering a rousing rendition of the Baywatch theme for his club teammates.

6) Speaking of Kelly Brown...

The player's not been selected for this year's Scotland squad, but the former captain's still an inspiration. He developed a stammer while at school, but despite the public speaking demands of international captaincy he's never let it get in the way of his career.

Big man, big heart.

7) Back to the rugby.

8) Think footballers have all the skills? Think again.

9) Although we have to admit, the hits are pretty massive.

10) Despite the tackles, some of the players are surprisingly smart.

11) Not all of them though.

You'll never get an England call-up with moves like that, Sam.

12) Sometimes the trailers are epic.

Morgan f***ing Freeman!

13) And sometimes they're a bit naff.

What's the bloke from Extras doing?


14) The commentary, though, is always top notch (even though Bill McLaren sadly is not longer with us)

15) There will be laughter.

16) There will be tears.

17) Lots of tears.

18) Yes, even the odd fight.

19) And even though absolutely everyone wants England to lose (expect the English, obvs)...

20) At least it's free on the BBC! (for now)

See? All smiles now.


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