Roy Keane is a terrifying man. We've known this for years - but it's perhaps more clear than ever in the warm, jovial environment of the ITV World Cup studio.


On Wednesday, in the build-up to Iran's match against Spain, the former Manchester United captain startled many viewers with his admission that he wished he had "ripped" Iran manager Carlos Queiroz's "head off" back in his Old Trafford days.

The two had butted heads while Queiroz served as assistant manager under Sir Alex Ferguson in 2002-2003 and again in 2004-2008, after a brief spell at Real Madrid.

"His second spell when he came back, for some reason towards the end of my time I found him really disrespectful towards me," Keane said. "So we had a bit of a fall-out, he questioned my loyalty. I told him where to go."

He continued: "One of my big regrets really was I probably should have ripped his head off. But, excellent coach and he’s doing an excellent job." Check out a clip of Keane's comments below.

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The general consensus on Twitter was that the assistant manager of the Irish national team is "terrifying".

But, later on in the programme, viewers got to see another side to him - kind of.

When news came in that England manager Gareth Southgate had dislocated his shoulder while out running in the woods, Ian Wright asked "what's he doing in the woods?" which made fellow pundits Patrice Evra and Slaven Bilic erupt with laughter. And even Keane cracked a little smirk - it's probably as close as we'll ever come to seeing him actually laughing. Check a clip of his reaction to the joke below:

Wright himself was dumbfounded:


ITV will air England's final group game against Belgium live at 7pm on Thursday 28th June

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