The spirit of the World Cup is these Senegal and Japan fans cleaning up litter as they leave their games

Football supporters from Senegal and Japan weren't going to leave the stadium without clearing up all the litter first

Japanese football fans at the world cup

If the World Cup was a contest between fans, the Japanese and Senegalese would be winning right now.


Football fans from both countries have been caught on camera cleaning up stadiums after their games, filling rubbish bags with plastic bottles and cans and leftover food that others had left under their seats.

Senegal’s clean-up operation came after the African nation picked up a surprising 2-1 victory over Poland on Tuesday, while the Japanese also snatched an unexpected 2-1 win against Columbia in Group H.

But instead of heading straight out for a celebratory drink, both countries’ fans sprang into action and grabbed the garbage bags to clean up around where they’d been sitting.

And for those whose hearts are warmed by this display of consideration and thoughtfulness, we have good news: the two countries will actually face each other when Senegal plays Japan on Sunday 24th.


Just think how tidy and litter-free the stadium will be by the end of that match.

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