World Cup Final nets biggest UK TV audience since London 2012 – and breaks German viewing record

A peak audience of over 20 million made the clash between Germany and Argentina the most watched programme since the Olympic closing ceremony. Meanwhile, in Germany, a record-breaking 35 million tuned in

Germany’s World Cup final win over Argentina was watched by more people in the UK than any programme since the London 2012 closing ceremony – and more in Germany than had ever viewed a single broadcast in the country’s history.


Coverage of the clash at the Maracana stadium in Rio de Jainero drew a peak audience across BBC1 and ITV of 20.64 million – a 75.7% share of viewers according to overnight figures – making it the most viewed single broadcast since 26 million people (78.4%) tuned in at the biggest moment of the Olympic closing ceremony on 12 August 2012.

And as the German national side claimed a fourth World Cup title, their supporters also broke a national viewing record, with a staggering 34.65 million (86.3%) watching on TV.


The other winner on the night was BBC1, whose peak audience of 16.72m (61.4%) and average of 12.09m (50.3%), trumped ITV’s meagre 3.96m and 2.86m (12.1%).