The internet reacts to Brazil vs Germany

Including Neymar's take on that 7-1 scoreline...

Even if you didn’t catch the match last night, you will most likely have been swept up in the furore on Twitter this morning in the wake of Germany’s massacre of World Cup hosts Brazil in a shocking 7-1 defeat. With over 35.6 million tweets recorded, there’s a brand new set of memes to keep us all entertained or, in Brazil’s case, weeping onto their keyboards.


Let’s take a look at some of the most outrageous reactions out there…

This clever take on Rio’s Christ the Redeemer statue is almost too real to be photoshopped

Better yet

Ron Burgundy tells it like it is

Even Professor Snape couldn’t resist a scathing commentary:

A scarily prophetic interpretation of the World Cup 2014 motif

This re-hashing of the Brazilian flag is sure to get some Brazilian blood boiling

These flag jokes certainly aren’t flagging

Nobody better than a relentlessly hyperactive cartoon character to rub it in some more

Even injured Neymar didn’t escape his share of the flack


Then again, if he will insist on rubbing it in…