Sky Sports football pundit Chris Kamara chases down thief on the streets of Brazil

"Not lost me pace!" tweeted the former footballer after apparently catching a robber in Rio

Despite having retired from football almost 20 years ago, Chris Kamara apparently hasn’t lost his (admittedly limited) pace. The former tough-tackling Swindon, Brentford and Luton Town midfielder posted pictures on Twitter showing himself and an alleged thief he claims to have chased down on the streets of Rio de Jainero earlier today.


The Sky Sports pundit – and mustachioed cult football figure – told his followers “Not lost me pace!!! I just caught this street robber. Done in now though”, before adding “My good deed has back fired I have to go to the police station now to make a statement”.

Kamara is in Brazil for the World Cup where he has been keeping followers entertained with a string of tweets about his exploits.


Here’s how his latest adventure unfolded…