See Will Smith’s awkward penalty kick at Wembley stadium

Football definitely isn’t how he became the Prince of Bel-Air…

Actor Will Smith and son Jaden took to the pitch before Saturday’s Championship League finals to have a go at a penalty kick.


After a good few minutes of stretching and playing up to the cameras, we all thought we were about to uncover an exciting secret. Will Smith the footballer? Sounds great. It wasn’t.

The stretching was, as is his actual trade, an act for the cameras. After an eager run up towards Holland goalkeeper Edwin Van Der Sar, Will sort of nudged the ball sideways.

“Just wide” mocked the announcer, as former professional footballers watched on, trying (and failing) not to laugh.

Jaden, who is doing the rounds with his dad to promote their new film After Earth, quickly stepped up to the plate (if you’ll excuse the mixed sporting metaphors). Maybe Will was just making way for the true talent and Jaden was about to rip the ball through the back of the net? No. Not even close. Your Nan probably kicks with more power.

They both tried a few more times, much to the amusement of the goalkeepers, who swapped in and out as though really tired from all the daring saves. Bless the Smiths.


But now it’s time to restore Will and Jaden to the cool Hollywood stars they really are, with this clip from Friday’s Graham Norton Show in which they perform the Fresh Prince theme tune with special guest Alfonso Ribeiro (aka Carlton). Ah… and all is right in Hollywood again.