Phil Neville responds to criticism of his World Cup commentary

Oh dear. Phil Neville checked Twitter. But don't worry, he's taken all the criticisms in his stride...

It’s fair to say Phil Neville’s World Cup commentary debut wasn’t the success he might have hoped. The former Manchester United and England footballer’s turn on the mic for England’s opener against Italy has come under fire from fans unimpressed by his monotone style…


Even the police had a dig at poor Phil.

But rather than hide under the nearest rock, Phil has taken the ‘feedback’ on the chin, responding on Twitter to to those less than complimentary of his commentary style:

But if Twitter does makes him want to sob into his hanky, at least he’s still got the Beeb on his side. “Phil is an important, well respected member of our team and will continue to play a key role throughout the tournament, both as a studio guest and match commentator,” said a BBC spokesperson.


And if that doesn’t cheer him up, poor Phil can take comfort in the support of his unlikely ally… Ricky Gervais.