New Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal is taking inspiration from Big Brother in an effort to bring success back to the club.

Defender Jonny Evans revealed during their pre-season tour of the United States that van Gaal had installed cameras round the training ground to track players' every movement on the pitch.

“I think it is a lot more detailed at the training ground now,” he said. “They have spent thousands on it and a few of the lads have seen HD cameras around the pitch. We have this camera system where he [Van Gaal] can watch us on the pitch. I think a lot of teams use it, but we are looking into it in quite a lot of detail."

Manchester's new surveillance tactics even stretch to issuing player instructions, although presumably Wayne Rooney won't be called to the diary room after drifting too deep into midfield.

Evans explained how van Gaal has begun to direct players based on what he sees through the cameras: “He is saying things like, ‘You should be five yards to the right’ after watching the footage and we are able to see things that are happening live on the pitch.

"We went through a video recently and I was 10 yards out of position. There are things you are doing on the pitch, and the whole team will be feeling the same, and you are thinking, ‘Am I in the right position?’ Then he will show you in the video and you will know.”