European football has shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic sweeping across the globe.


The Champions League and Europa League have been called off pending further news on the spread of the outbreak, with UEFA set to convene to discuss the future of the 2019/20 tournament. will bring you all of the latest updates and issues that have been caused by the standstill.

When will the Champions League return?

This may be one of trickiest competitions to re-organise. While there aren't many teams left in the competition, the continental nature of the tournament will provide huge logistical challenges if some countries are back for business while others remain in lockdown.

More information is expected soon when UEFA meet to discuss the competition.

When is UEFA meeting?

UEFA are set to meet on Tuesday 17th March to discuss the fate of the Euro 2020, Champions League and Europa League competitions.

Could the Champions League season be cancelled?

Club leagues in Europe have been presented with three main options: void, cancel as things stand or delay.

Of course, cancelling as things stand would not apply to a knockout tournament such as the Champions League, leaving a delayed or cancelled tournament the likeliest options.

However, the Champions League may present far greater logistical challenges than a domestic league resuming action given the fact that teams are from a range of European nations.


For example, while Country A may be open and ready for sport to return in April, Country B may be shut down until June. Overcoming these hurdles may be too much for UEFA to navigate, though time will tell.