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Waking up early to watch England play cricket? Too late...

England collapse against New Zealand in the Cricket World Cup, making anyone who set their alarms early very angry indeed logo
Published: Friday, 20th February 2015 at 7:28 am

The trouble with sport on the other side of the world is that it can really disrupt your sleep patterns. It's made even worse if England have already lost by the time you wake up.


Yes, bad news greeted England cricket fans after they hopped out of bed early this morning: England had lost against World Cup opponents New Zealand.

It wasn't just that they had lost: they had capitulated, scoring just 123 runs, meaning that by the time fans back in the UK had woken up, it was all over.

The numbers, seen through bleary eyes, make for depressing reading. New Zealand batsman Brendon McCullum reached 50 runs in just 18 balls, making it the fastest half century in World Cup history.

New Zealand needed just 12.2 of their 50 overs to beat England.

Scottish radio broadcaster Alan Brazil was loving it.

Anyone turn on the TV and get excited? This.


Oh well, perhaps Scotland will be better?


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