BBC Sport commentator hosts hilarious Zoom meeting with his dogs

The two Labradors struggled to stay focused for a serious business meeting


A BBC Sport commentator has created a hilarious video with his dogs, which has amassed almost 4 million views in just two days.


Andrew Cotter, a broadcaster who provides commentary on various sports including golf, rugby and tennis, edited together a parody Zoom call with his two Labradors: Olive and Mabel.

The short video lampoons the format of a typical lockdown office meeting, as Andrew attempts to update his two pets on their performance and job security.

Predictably, things don’t go according to plan, as Mabel proves particularly mischievous and struggles to stay focused.

The hilarious video has been widely shared across Twitter, with over 34,000 retweets and more than 150,000 likes, proving to be the kind of wholesome content that people are crying out for right now.

The Zoom call is a follow-up to another popular video starring Olive and Mabel which Cotter posted last month, where he lends his sports commentary skills to a tactical game like no other.

Incredibly, it has been viewed more than 19 million times since it was uploaded, making these two adorable pooches the breakout superstars of the UK lockdown.


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