A moth was the real star of the Euro 2016 final

Though this young Portugal fan comes in a close second...


Portugal won the Euros last night, beating host nation France in the 109th minute. But the real winner? A moth who took centre stage when Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo was injured early on in the game.


Seriously, forget the football. On Twitter the Euro final was all about that moth…

Within seconds the moth had its own Twitter accounts.

And a whole host of celebrity admirers.

Could the moth be set to embark on its own celebrity career?

It’s certainly going to be a social media star for a little while yet…

If this winged star doesn’t float your football boat, this heartwarming moment might instead. After all the moth madness, emotion got the better of this French footie fan, after his team failed to take home the trophy.

And this young Portuguese supporter proved football rivalries don’t have to last past the final whistle, by taking a moment to console the French fan.


We’re not cying, we just have a moth in our eye…