Why isn’t Casualty on tonight?

The BBC1 medical drama is making way for the Proms

Casualty - Series 34 - EP4

Casualty loses its usual slot in the Saturday schedules tonight thanks to the BBC’s coverage of the Last Night of the Proms.


The rousing climax to the 125th Proms season begins on BBC2 at 7.15pm, but moves over to BBC1 at 9.00pm for Last Night favourites including Jerusalem and Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance.

So, for this week, fans of the drama at Holby’s emergency department will be left deprived of their fix. Casualty will, though, be back on Saturday 21 September.

This is the second time in recent months that Casualty has had to make way for live broadcast events. Back in July, the show was postponed at the last minute due to coverage of Wimbledon, where Andy Murray and Serena Williams’s mixed doubles match had overrun.

Viewers expressed their ire at the corporation, with some Twitters calling the scheduling move “a disgrace” and blaming the BBC for ruining their evening.

Casualty - Series 34 - EP4

What happens next on Casualty?

When Casualty returns next Saturday, the focus looks set to be on Iain, whose confidence is knocked by Jan and Ruby’s surprised reaction when they hear he’ll be taking a job with the air ambulance service.


Meanwhile, back in the ED, Rash’s career is threatened when he’s blamed for a mistake made by recent recruit Mason. And Essie gets onto the cystic fibrosis trial thanks to Ethan’s lies.