This Week in Soapland: 2 – 6 July

Kat starts a steamy affair with one of Walford's finest and Steve and Lloyd end up brawling in Weatherfield




Cameron has become a latter-day Patrick McGoohan, constantly trying to flee “the village” but thwarted at every turn. This week, a row with Cain leaves Cameron a prisoner of his own making once again. Someone who has made a break for it is Ashley, although his time away is down to circumstance rather than choice. Now reduced to rooting in bins for food, it’s surely only a matter of time before he runs into fellow soap hobo, Ian Beale.


Having spent the run-up to the game against the Old Lions speaking in breathy double entendres and promising post-match rubdowns, Kat then gives a whole new meaning to the term “football strip”. But who is her mystery man? With the suspect list made up of Michael, Ray, Jack, Max and Derek (please, not Derek) and the storyline set to run for a good while yet, this is less a whodunit and more a who’s-still-doing-it.

Coronation Street


Lloyd is back in Weatherfield, but the rancid old arm chair in the Street Cars office won’t be welcoming him for long. Steve’s ex-business partner is soon running a rival taxi company called Fare Ladies but, unfortunately, he’s not clever enough to realise that employee Tracy is indulging in some sabotage on the switch. The whole thing gets resolved with a brawl featuring Steve and Lloyd at the Bessie Street sports day, where the détente between Peter and Nick also comes under severe strain.