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The Archers | Jim faces a tough decision as Lilian digs her heels in

It’s all going on in Ambridge...

Published: Friday, 17th January 2020 at 7:15 pm

This week on The Archers, it’s finally time for Jim (John Rowe), Alistair (Michael Lumsden) and Jazzer’s (Ryan Kelly) road trip and Alistair decides to make himself the butt of jokes in a desperate big to distract Jim from what he’s heading to. However, as the big moment gets closer and closer, can Jim find the courage to put his past behind him or will his demons continue to get in the way?


Many will be keen to see what it’s going on at the Bull in Ambridge, considering the changes are sure to cause problems. Last week, Lilian (Sunny Ormonde) had to deliver some news to Peggy (June Spencer) but was taken back by her mother’s attitude. It doesn’t seem like the situation has resolved itself too much, as next week sees Lilian digs her heels in, only to find some serious competition. What’s more, Jolene Archer (Buffy Davis) finds herself torn in two and with the opposition fierce, who will come out triumphant?

The Archers

Meanwhile, Kirsty (Annabelle Dowler), who is still reeling from the arrival of her mother, Megan, continues to struggle so a concerned Philip (Andy Hockley) takes the bold move to fall on his sword and makes a controversial suggestion in order to make her happier than she has been of late. However, Helen (Louiza Patikas) finds out what the pair are planning and she has no other choice to offer some tough love. Will Kirsty go ahead and follow Helen’s advice or do The Archers fans have more drama in store?

As if that wasn’t enough turmoil for one village Ian enlists some Grey Gables spies to report back to him about how Hugh is progressing with his kitchen – we’ll all be surprised at the lengths he will take to get some truth about his rival. Ian’s week gets even more drastic as his first meeting with Lee doesn’t go quite as planned.

And meanwhile, poor Rex has to say goodbye to his beloved pigs, but a surprise later on in the day takes him completely unaware.

Also in Ambridge, Tracy takes advantage of a situation, Eddie thinks drastic action is called for and an unexpected encounter leads to a shocking and emotional confession…


The Archers airs weeknights on BBC Radio 4 at 7pm


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