Soap Spoilers! The week ahead in EastEnders, Corrie and Emmerdale…- 16 September 2012

16-21 September: Jack Branning decides to take it slowly with Sharon while Pollard attempts a reconciliation with Val logo

Coronation Street


Do you think Tina and Tommy will one day look back on their current troubles and laugh? “Remember that mad year,” Tina will say, “when that loan shark hassled us and you crashed the car through lack of sleep and I shoved Kirsty – and her waters broke, and then I offered to have Gary and Izzy’s baby just to get some cash? What were we thinking?”

And indeed, the surrogacy saga gets even more fraught this week when Tina visits the fertility clinic and Tommy considers leaving for good.


Jack Branning taking things slowly with a woman? What kind of weird, alternative universe is this? Next they’ll be telling us that Kat’s stopped using fake tan and Alfie’s given up on West Ham. But it does seem to be the case that Jack, the well-known bird bandit of Walford parish, is taking a cautious approach to romancing Sharon. Someone being altogether more rash is Syed who makes a desperate attempt to clear his debts. It’s a move that could land Tamwar in the mire.



An insulin pen would never go missing on a soap without there being dire consequences, and before you can say “hyperglycemia” Kerry’s collapsed and fallen into a diabetic coma. With the future looking increasingly bleak, Val’s feeling deep remorse for being such a vile cow this past month. But as the mascara streaks down her cheeks, Pollard thinks that the time might just be right for a reconciliation with his estranged wife. Get ready for a hospital-ward smooch.