Robert forces Vicky to keep baby secret – as he plans wedding to Michelle in Coronation Street

"If Vicky knew what was going on she'd be furious!" teases Kerri Quinn


Coronation Street‘s Robert Preston (Tristan Gemmill) has his hands full juggling his double life as he tries to keep fiancee Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) from finding out he’s got secret fling Vicky Jefferies (Kerri Quinn) pregnant.


Following a near-miss where he is almost caught out by Ms Connor, on Monday 24th June Robert faces a grilling from volatile Vicky who demands to know if the reason he dumped her recently is because he’s back with old flame ‘Chelle.

The cheating chef cheekily denies it but asks Vicky to keep her pregnancy quiet in case it rakes up bad memories of Michelle losing baby Ruairi. Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) starts to get suspicious of his future stepdad’s shifty behaviour and sudden disappearing acts, but on Wednesday 26th June mum Michelle dismisses her son’s accusations as she swallows Robert’s fibs.

How long before Mr Preston’s deceptions catch up with him? And how much of a liability will gobby Vicky prove to be the longer this goes on? Kerri Quinn, who made a surprise return when Robert’s double life was revealed to viewers recently, fills us in on what’s to come:

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How did you feel when you were told about Vicky and Robert’s secret affair?
I was beyond excited to be told I was going to be paired up with Robert, who is probably the hottest man on TV – I was alright with that! To be asked back to Corrie was exciting in itself but to for it to be part of this storyline I was delighted.

Was it hard keeping it a secret until the on-screen reveal?
Yes because some people back home knew I was returning to the show but not what for, so I’ve had to mind what I say. So many people are Corrie fans and desperate to know what my storyline was and were trying to piece it together. We’ve seen Robert disappearing and Vicky being attacked and ringing someone, so the clues were there.

What drew Vicky to Robert?
He’s an attractive man and has been amazing with Tyler. Robert is the only person in a long time who has encouraged him to turn his life around, and that’s what has really drawn Vicky to him. She’s aware of his paternal instincts and knows he wants a child, but it’s also about stability. You see a beautiful vulnerability about Vicky that Robert brings out in her. She wants to be a better person for him, and truly believes this great guy has come along after she’s had such a hard life and it’s going to be the full fairytale.


Are they compatible as a couple?
It’s hard to say at this point because they’re not together as in a relationship, it was just a fling. However, Vicky sees a future for them together, she’s got her claws into a good man and doesn’t want to let him go. I would never say there’s no future for them, they’re having a baby so will grow closer, but we’ll have to see how it pans out.

Does Vicky suspect Robert is lying to her about Michelle and leading this double life?
She has her suspicions because she does want him there more often and he is always making excuses and disappearing, but I don’t think for one minute she would suspect him of living this double life. If she did we’d see the Vicky of old! She’d be devastated because I think she genuinely has fallen in love with Robert. She knows how much Michelle meant to Robert so Vicky definitely sees her as a threat.

How would she feel if she knew Robert was planning a wedding with Michelle?
That would absolutely break Vicky because she puts Robert on a pedestal as a good man, he’s been so kind to her and Tyler and she wouldn’t think he’s capable of betraying her in that way. She’d be heartbroken – but also a little bit furious!  


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