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Paul and Nicolette's war continues in Neighbours as he makes shocking discovery

But has Paul got it wrong once again?

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Published: Wednesday, 24th February 2021 at 6:00 am

There has been no love lost between Paul Robinson and Nicolette Stone (Stefan Dennis and Charlotte Chimes) in Neighbours and despite the two agreeing to a truce, Paul once again ruffles some feathers next week when he makes a bold accusation.


The drama unfolds thanks to recent returnee Brent Colefax (Texas Watterson) who Nicolette is not happy is hanging around. Thinking that he is trouble, and not liking how messy he is, it takes a chat with Jane Harris (Annie Jones) to make her realise that she needs to give him a break.

But when she approaches him to try and clear the air, she is stunned to see that he is carrying a knife around with him.

Paul witnesses the two of them talking and when he sees the knife, he wrongly assumes that it is once again irresponsible and dangerous behaviour from Nicolette and is thrilled that he finally has evidence against her.

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But as Paul goes to tell everyone what he saw, Brent cuts him off and tells the truth which leaves him seething - and in the bad books once again with David Tanaka (Takaya Honda). As for Nicolette, she and Brent decide to form an alliance against Paul and it seems that Mr Robinson could be in for some trouble of his own.

Elsewhere next week, there is tension in the Canning household as Levi (Richie Morris) discovers who was responsible for the food poisoning that left Bea Nilsson in the hospital - his own cousin Kyle and Roxy Willis (Chris Milligan and Zima Anderson).

While the two are wracked with guilt, the problems mount up for them when Kyle learns that Levi reported him to the council and now The 82 is at risk of being shut down. Is this one family feud that may not be fixed?


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