It looks like Sky Mangel is sticking around beyond her initial return for Neighbours' 35th anniversary as it's been revealed the former Ramsay Street resident is a hot shot cop investigating Finn Kelly's murder case - much to the delight of actress Stephanie McIntosh.


"I'm in the police, can you believe it?" she grins, speaking exclusively to "I nearly fell over when they told me she'd become a cop. It was definitely the part of bringing her back I was most shocked about in the best way!"

Fans found out on Wednesday 25th March Harold Bishop's beloved granddaughter is now a senior detective and has been assigned to lead the investigation into the Erinsborough bad boy's demise, for which Elly Conway is in the frame.

"Yes, I'm even senior to Mark Brennan!" continues the actress, half-sister of Neighbours legend Jason Donovan (Scott Robinson) and auntie to his daughter Jemma Donovan (currently playing Harlow Robinson) "How fun is that?"

neighbours sky mangel

McIntosh believes the seeds were sewn on her alter ego's career change during her original stint on the show from 2003-2007.

"Sky was always about doing the right thing and fighting causes. Like Elly, she was accused of murder back in the day and ended up in jail. I was protective of ensuring there was the empathy I believe she would have in this case, to give a full circle understanding from her.

"I imagine Sky's past made her want to see justice done in the world after what happened to her. Let’s hope she gets it for Elly, but who knows?"

The controversial case is set to bring assertive Sky into conflict with Mark and old mate Toadie Rebecchi who is set to be Elly's legal representative, which means more for McIntosh to get her teeth into.

"You can expect the conflict of professionalism clashing with personal friendship," she teases. "Sky and Toadie were so close, he helped her when she was in prison so it's full circle again but there may be tension. Sky will be challenged as she has to go against people she cares about and stay professional. It's interesting to play."

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