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Toadie and Melanie go public in Neighbours – but the pair are set to clash

Is this new relationship doomed already?

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Published: Tuesday, 8th June 2021 at 10:59 am

The thrill of a secret Neighbours romance has been great fun for Toadie Rebecchi and Melanie Pearson (Ryan Moloney and Lucinda Cowden) but they knew it could not stay hidden forever - they will be wishing it had after what happens next week when the truth comes out.


The problems start when Toadie is hesitant to tell his children about his new romance and that sets off alarm bells for Melanie who can not understand why he would not want them to know what's been happening.

For Toadie, he is concerned about getting their hopes up again after some of his recent failed romances and so he wants to hold off from spilling the beans a little longer - something that Melanie is less keen on doing.

Things come to a head when they have a dinner date with Jane Harris and Clive Gibbons (Annie Jones and Geoff Paine) that comes just after Toadie learns that Melanie decided to tell the kids what is happening for herself - and he is not at all pleased that she took the decision out of his hands.

neighbours toadie rebecchi melanie pearson

The two end up at loggerheads with Toadie frustrated that Melanie does not think she did anything wrong, while she is angry that he was so keen to keep her a secret and feels disrespected as a result.

Are these two about to realise that they are not as well suited to one another as they had originally thought?

Elsewhere next week, Bea Nilsson (Bonnie Anderson) makes a big decision about her future and it is one that Levi Canning (Richie Morris) is set to be bitterly disappointed about. The two were planning on leaving for a road trip together but now, Bea wants to go it alone.

As she and Levi come to a sad end, Bea focuses on packing and saying her goodbyes, but she has some more news for Karl and Susan Kennedy (Alan Fletcher and Jackie Woodburne) that they do not see coming. What does Bea have to tell them?


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