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Neighbours' Susan cracks under pressure as she returns to work

Sounds like she could do with another holiday

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Published: Tuesday, 4th August 2020 at 4:02 pm

Susan and Karl Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne and Alan Fletcher) return from their holiday in Neighbours this week, one that was designed to get them through their problems and to take away some of the stress that they have been through these last few months.


And at first, it seems like it has done the trick when the couple walks back into number 28 looking more in love than we have seen them in some time. But as soon as Susan opens up her emails, she is greeted with the unfolding scandal of drugs being found at Erinsborough High.

Knowing how massive this could be for the school, and that the book about Finn will still need addressing with concerned parents, Susan opts to return to work straight away to see if she can start to fix the damage - Karl, however, is worried that she could be rushing into things before she is ready.

Whilst she seems to have a handle on things at first, the pressure soon gets to her and when Bea Nilsson (Bonnie Anderson) calls her to ask if Levi Canning (Richie Morris) can move in with them after his argument with Sheila (Collette Mann), Susan snaps and firmly says no, insisting that her days of taking in strangers are behind her.

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Unfortunately, Sheila is under the impression that Susan has agreed and adds to her stress levels by calling her to voice her displeasure at Levi moving in. Susan makes it clear that she said no but between that and the constant phone calls from Angela Lang, she begins to struggle.

It soon transpires that Karl was right to be concerned as the challenges of the day soon mount on Susan and she, after one too many stressful encounters, locks herself in her office and begins to experience another panic attack.

Karl and Jane Harris (Annie Jones) are on hand to try and calm her down and Jane even offers to lend her support as she prepares for a school inspection to discuss steps taken to address the drug problem-to which Susan is quick to take her up on.

But when Jane gives Susan an idea of a way to make her look good and Susan uses it to impress, will she find that she is relying on Jane's help more than she needs to?


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