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Neighbours' Susan Kennedy faces dilemma as Karl makes a difficult decision

The blame game keeps getting played on Ramsay Street

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Published: Tuesday, 21st April 2020 at 11:49 am

Remember back in early 2019 on Neighbours when Finn Kelly awoke from his coma with amnesia? Well, there was one resident of Number 28, in particular, that was not keen on allowing any of them to get close to him and made sure his thoughts were known: Karl Kennedy.


When it came time for Finn to move in with them, he again reiterated his reservations about allowing the man back into their lives.

But Susan and Elly were leading the charge to give him a second chance and so he relented and the rest is very messy, dramatic, and deadly history.

But with all that happened on the island and Susan's fragile state, Karl has focused purely on making sure that his wife is OK and has buried his feelings on the matter, but those feelings are about to be uncovered.

Following on from an awkward grief support group that saw Susan and Sheila come face-to-face, Susan overhears as the grieving mother blames his wife for everything that happened in the 35th anniversary.

When Susan notices that Karl doesn't respond to defend her, it dawns on her that he does blame her for allowing Finn back into their lives in the first place.

When the two return home, she decides that being direct is the best approach and asks him outright whether he does in fact hold her responsible for all the death and chaos that has invaded their lives these last few weeks.

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When Karl admits that on some level he does, Susan is rocked by the news - even though she blames herself too.

Karl is quick to try and smooth things over, insisting that he will always be there for her and that he will continue to support her no matter what.

His attempt to move past this doesn't work though and it's clear that there is now tension and distance between them both and when Susan later encounters some problems on her return to teaching at Erinsborough High, he is dismayed to learn about them from someone else other than his wife.

It's clear that the Kennedy marriage is heading for another rough patch, but is this one that they can both recover from?


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