Neighbours' Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) needs all the help she can get at the moment.


She's struggling to accept her part in Finn Kelly's murderous rampage and is feeling guilty for letting him back into her life.

But while she battles her own demons, it seems actress Woodburne has an idea of a lighter storyline for beloved Susan.

Speaking exclusively to, Woodburne revealed there will be some returning characters in the next few weeks.

When asked what's coming up for the Kennedys: "The repercussions of this do go on for quite some time. Other storylines develop, a couple of new characters come in, a couple of characters leave. Those multiple threads continue, but for the Kennedys the repercussions will continue for some time."

And we couldn't help ourselves, we had to know who Woodburne wants to see back in Erinsborough...

"Oh, I’d have to say any or all of the Kennedy kids, that would be a wonderful reunion, I’d love that," Woodburne revealed.


"That would really put a spring in [Susan's] step. We live in hope, that would be a terrific storyline."

Who are Susan and Karl's children?

Well, the couple shared three children - Malcolm (Benjamin McNair), Libby (Michala Banas) and Billy (Jesse Spencer).

Let's not forget Karl had a child with Izzy Hoyland - Holly - but Susan would probably rather ignore that one...


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