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Neighbours star Jemma Donovan chats all things Harlow - Brent, Roxy and her relationship with Paul

Will we see more of the Harlow and Roxy friendship?

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Published: Tuesday, 4th May 2021 at 5:45 pm

Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan) has had an eventful start to 2021 in Neighbours.


She has been kidnapped, ended her relationship with Hendrix Greyson (Benny Turland) and gone on to start a new one with another troublemaker, Brent Colefax (Texas Watterson).

Here, Jemma chats exclusively to about Harlow, the drama surrounding Brent and her grandfather Paul (Stefan Dennis) and whether viewers can expect the show to revisit the friendship between Harlow and Roxy Willis (Zoma Anderson) that proved to be popular when she first joined.

Read on to find out what she has to say...

You’ve been on Neighbours for a couple of years now, how have you found Harlow’s journey so far? 

She has really grown as a woman and you see that. To begin with, she was a shy schoolgirl, a bit lost, trying to find her way, confused about a lot of things and had a very dysfunctional childhood. But now she has found her identity. It’s nice to play her.

The last time Brent was in town, he got a tad violent towards Harlow. Did you have any reservations when you learned the two were going to get together? 

I did question it with the writers and the producer because I think it’s important that it is addressed and not just brushed under the carpet. I did work with the writers on that.

You and Benny Turland have a great dynamic. Was it a bit of an adjustment to stop sharing that many scenes with him? 

Yeah, it is a bit weird because we’ve been together on the show for about a year and we have grown close as mates off-screen – you work with your best friend all the time and then suddenly they’re gone. However, it’s nice to also play a different dynamic with someone else and Benny is experiencing that as well.

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Harlow learned that she has similarities with her mother when it comes to picking men, right before all the trouble with Brent and the robbery kicked off. Will this second “bad boy” in her life cause her to rethink her choices going forward?

I think she recognises who she tends to go for, however she wants this (with Brent) to be different, and she’ll trust her gut instead of listening to other people. Also, she still sees the good in people and I really like that quality about her.

How would Harlow react if Hendrix and Mackenzie got together? Would she be pleased for them or will it strain her friendship with Mack?

I think if Hendrix and Mackenzie got together, initially she may be a bit upset by it – remembering what she and Hendrix had and what could have been. However, she has her own stuff going on now and I’m sure if it was handled the right way, she would be fine with Hendrix and Mackenzie as a couple.

One of the big things fan loved in your early days was the growing friendship with Roxy. Can fans expect to see those two together again?

Yes absolutely, there are more stories together coming through. Zima and I love the dynamic as much as the fans do and have been pushing for it.

Do you think there is more to be explored with Robert and how would you like to see that father/daughter relationship develop?

I think there is so much more to be fleshed out with Harlow and Robert’s relationship. I had so much fun doing the storyline in the jail and I really hope it can be explored further, down the track.

Harlow and Paul have a very fiery dynamic and Harlow is growing tired of him. Do you think it is nearing the point where she could decide to cut him out altogether? 

Despite how frustrating Paul can be meddling in her life, she is very loyal to him. She knows his actions come from the right place in terms of protecting Harlow, even though they can be dreadful at times. He is her granddad at the end of the day and they both share similar qualities. They can be very fiery so even when he is causing chaos, she does get him.


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