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Neighbours spoilers: Sheila versus Susan as Bea learns the truth about Finn

Erinsborough will never be the same again!

Published: Sunday, 29th March 2020 at 7:00 am

It's the aftermath of the Neighbours 35th anniversary and as the dust settles on Ramsay Street, it seems all eyes are on poor Sheila Canning (Colette Man), who just lost her boy.


With Finn Kelly dead and gone, it's time for Erinsborough to heal, but that might not be as easy as we all hoped.

Here's your spoilers for Neighbours between 30th March and 3rd April.

Sheila vs. Susan

neighbours sheila gary death

It's the battle of the Erinsborough matriarchs this week, but it's set to be more heartbreaking than anything. Ramsay Street has been rallying around poor Sheila since the death of Gary Canning (Damien Richardson). Sheila plans to do a funeral service in Frankston and a wake on the street and everyone gets behind her to help honour their old pal. However, the arrival of Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) at the wake puts a sour taste in Sheila's mouth. Blaming Susan for Gary's death, Sheila is quick to call out the Neighbours stalwart for even daring to pay her respects, leading to an explosive argument. Later in the week, her mind doesn't falter and she sets about convincing Karl that Susan was really to blame. Karl didn't want Finn anywhere near Erinsborough, but it was Susan who gave him a second chance. Is this the end of the road for the Kennedy's?

Bea learns the truth

neighbours bea

Poor Bea Nilsson (Bonnie Anderson) has had a bit of a time of it, having fallen for Finn and then discovered he was actually in love with Elly, topped off with a healthy helping of a broken leg. Not ideal. As she heads back to the Kennedy household, Finn's presence is all over and she can't cope with the thought of being around him. But that's the least of her worries as Elly comes to the drastic realisation she should probably tell Bea the truth - she was also in love with Finn. Bea is undoubtedly distraught by what she learns, especially considering her betrayal. As if that wasn't bad enough, Susan has to admit she also knew about Finn and Elly's feelings. Who does Bea have left to rely on?

Elly faces life in jail

neighbours elly

Elly's probably wishing she pulled Finn up from the ground to at least make it look like she tried to save him because she's currently in a world of problems. Facing life behind bars for his murder, Elly is trying her best to convince the authorities she didn't do anything wrong. Trusty Mark believes his ex, but new copper Sky thinks otherwise. Sky tries to convince Elly to drop the act and admit she was behind the crime. Enter: Toadie to the rescue! But can he get Elly off the hook?

David questions his vocation

Neighbours Aaron and David
Neighbours' Aaron and David

Doctor David is wracked with guilt over his involvement with Finn. How did he not spot he was getting his memory back? He's invited back to work next week, but Aaron has his doubts. Is he ready to go back yet? And worse still, can he continue as a doctor?

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