6 Neighbours spoilers for next week: Nicolette kisses Chloe and Paul is angry with Glen

Toadie is haunted by the past and Hendrix gets a shock.

neighbours nicolette stone chloe brennan

Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes) shares a passionate kiss with Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly) – could the girls’ relationship finally be back on track?


Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) is angry to learn Glen Donnelly (Richard Huggett) has been lying, Toadie Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) is unnerved when his daughter wants to communicate with her dead mum, and Hendrix Greyson (Benny Turland) gets upsetting news.

Here are all your Neighbours spoilers for 29th November – 3rd December 2021.

Nicolette and Chloe back together?

neighbours nicolette stone chloe brennan

Now Isla’s parenting problems appear to be sorted, Nicolette turns her attention to getting her love life back on track and offers Chloe a spare ticket to a concert by way of an olive branch. It’s not quite a date, and it starts off a bit awkwardly, but Chlo hopes it’s a step in the right direction.

After spending more time together Nic plants a passionate kiss on her ex which takes Ms Brennan aback. But just as the girls look ready to reignite their romance Nicolette issues some demands which Chloe isn’t expecting. Could this derail their journey back to true love?

Paul learns Glen’s agenda

neighbours glen donnelly

Noticing Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) still isn’t wearing her wedding ring, Paul buys her a new one after she sheepishly admits she lost it at the conference walking on the beach – along with her dignity when Glen found her absolutely hammered. That’s not the only thing Glen found, as an intriguing flashback reveals…

Glen boils that Terese is starting to let Paul back in and urges her not to let his bullying brother mess with her mind. Paul then learns Glen has been secretly dripping poison into his wife’s ear and discovers the real reason behind his estranged sibling’s return to Erinsborough. A brawl brews between the brothers, unless Leo Tanaka (Tim Kano) and David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) can stop their angry dad doing something he’ll regret.

Nell talks to Sonya’s ghost

neighbours toadie rebecchi nell rebecchi melanie pearson

Enamoured by Melanie Pearson (Lucinda Cowden) and her claims of being psychic, not to mention being a whizz with a crystal ball, Nell Rebecchi (Scarlett Anderson) asks her to communicate with her late mum Sonya from beyond the grave. It’s a far cry from crossing Madame Zolga’s palm with silver and asking her when she’s going to find true love, and Mel feels uncomfortable as she tells of Toadie his daughter’s request.

When attempts to speak to the ‘other side’ backfire Nell is distraught, and buried grief bubbles to the surface. Toadie wonders how he can help Nellyfish navigate her way through her loss, but marvellous Mel saves the day and gets the little girl to open up about her feelings. Without a ouija board and a headscarf this time.

Hendrix gets bad news

hendrix neighbours

Discovering Kyle Canning (Chris Milligan) has cancer, shaken Hendrix is reminded of how supportive he was during his health scare and promises to help his mate however he can. Unfortunately, Hendo falls at the first hurdle when Kyle asks him to secure a knockout dress for Roxy Willis (Zima Anderson to wear at a swanky party, and disaster strikes… Let’s just say Kyle probably won’t be asking the clumsy teen for any other favours.

News of Kyle’s diagnosis hits the locals hard as they all rally round him and Rox, everyone except Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan), that is. Mackenzie Hargreaves (Georgie Stone) is struck by how unsympathetic she is, and at the generally negative, diva-esque behaviour she’s been displaying recently. Has Harlow’s ruthless streak corrupted the nice girl next door she used to be?

Elsewhere on Neighbours

neighbours mick allsop
  • Mick Allsop (Joel Creasey) angers Amy Greenwood (Jacinta Stapleton) with his antagonistic behaviour at the Flamingo Bar’s festive party, and Harlow steps in having clocked the beef between them. When Amy mistakenly thinks Mick has blown her big secret to Harlow, Ms Greenwood flips. Get ready for a showdown unlike any other, if only because everyone’s wearing ridiculous fancy dress costumes.
  • Elsewhere in polyamory corner, Levi Canning (Richie Morris) invites Amy to a police ball, but Ned Willis (Ben Hall) is nervous their girlfriend will get ridiculed by gossipy colleagues so he tries to dissuade her from going. Levi smells a rat and reckons Ned just wants Amy all to himself – which might not be a million miles from the truth…
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