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Neighbours spoilers: Finn loses control of his emotions and Toadie gets a devastating shock

And Paul turns detective

Neighbours 35
Published: Sunday, 1st March 2020 at 7:00 am

Events move fast in Neighbours, but thankfully we’ve got you covered with our helpful guide to what’s coming next in Erinsborough.

Here’s every spoiler you need to know for Neighbours between Monday 2nd March – Friday 6th March 2020.

Finn loses control

Is-he-isn’t-villain Finn Kelly (Rob Mills) has been slowly getting bits of his memory back. And it’s bad news for Ramsay Street as the more he remembers, the more dangerous he becomes. Still reeling from being kicked out of the Mardi Gras party by Lucy, he Finn has to battle his demons which make him very angry.
But that’s not all, as later in the week his controlling nature returns when he asks Bea not to sing at Lassiters’ out of solidarity. Really, it’s just an attempt to control her, but he disguises it as part of their loving relationship. When he pulls away, Bea tries to find him a guardian for the glamping trip. She eventually settles on Toadie, and Finn is pleased to be allowed to go on holiday with the gang.
However, Finn’s mood crashes when he gets another call from his dad, and what’s more, he remembers his time in Colombia. Consumed by anger, he is furious at his dad and Bea for contacting him in the first place. Although she tried her best to comfort him, Finn wants nothing to do with Bea and decides he wants Elly. But what consequences would it have for Finn if he went back to her?

Elly gets a surprise

neighbours elly
Feeling guilty over her kiss with Finn and finding herself completely torn over how she feels for him, poor Elly Conway (Jodi Anasta) is desperate for some cheering up. Enter Chloe, who has the bright idea that they should celebrate her big 3-5 with a big glamping trip to Pierce’s island. We know she agrees and it will be the scene of Finn’s deadly revenge plan during the 35th anniversary week...

Mark and Paige may or may not

Neighbours Paige and Elly
Neighbours fans across the globe are desperate to see Mark Brennan (Scott McGregor) and Paige Smith (Olympia Valance) rekindle their love but it’s seems there will be a couple of hurdles between them. In an hilarious moment, Terese gets a helping hand from Paige, who’s keen to drum up interest in the Wedding Expo. However, Chloe has also roped Elly in and Mark’s ex brides both show up in their wedding dresses.
However, things turn more serious when Chloe and Aaron try and get Mark to spend a bit more time with Paige to see if they could rekindle their romance. Will the matchmakers get their way? Or has Mark and Paige’s ship sailed?
Mark gets some disappointing news when he’s called back to Adelaide for work and Aaron throws him a goodbye party to see him off. However, Paige makes the heartbreaking decision not to go, which seems shocking, until she reveals the truth to David...

Lucy has a romantic dilemma

Neighbours Lucy
Lucy was certainly shocked to see Mark Gottlieb back in Erinsborough and the whole return has caused her feelings to resurface. However, she’s conflicted as she worries whether Mark is still dedicated to his religion or not. With the stress of the Wedding Expo having low ticket sales, knight in shining armour Mark decides to treat her to a date to relax. But will she take him up in his offer? And is this the start of something special?

Paul works out who Jane’s scammer is

Neighbours Jane
Much to the delight of everyone, Paul finally makes a breakthrough on who has been terrorising poor Superbrain Jane. It all starts when the Robinson detective gets a lead on the catfish from Yashvi in connection to the Renshaw siege. Paul sets his private investigator on the case and it isn’t soon before long he has an answer. It’s pesky Mannix!
The villain had been using Jane to wind up Paul, and it seemed to have done the job. However, Mannix is hasn’t finished yet - he reveals he has some dirt on Jane and threatens to expose their private correspondences if Paul tells the police. Will he protect his friend? Or will he choose to tell the police?

Toadie copes with his grief

Neighbours Toadie
It’s been a year since Sonya died and poor Toadie Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) has been trying his best to move on with life after Son. Of course, it hasn’t been without it’s challenges and as her anniversary approaches, his emotions become too much for him. After being asked to put her wedding dress on display at the Expo, he decides it’s simply too much and refuses to do it. However, Roxy doesn't get the memo and puts on the gown, sadly which is spotted by Toadie. As the day gets closer, Toadie becomes a shell of himself. Can his friends and family pick him up?

Gary and Prue get engaged

Neighbours Prue
Harlow is having doubts about seeing her mother, Prue Wallace (Denise Van Outen), but Gary Canning (Damian Richardson) is keen for everyone to make an effort, so puts on a barbecue. Harlow reluctantly agrees and Prue does her best to assure her kid she's left the Order for good. But is she telling the truth?
In a shock to everyone, Prue and Gary announce their engagement to everyone, and of course, Sheila immediately thinks it's a bad idea. Harlow can't help but think the only reason her mother's back in town is to see Gary, not her, which Prue does her best to spread her love. But events change dramatically change when Terese insists she has a new idea for her Wedding Expo - what does she have in store?
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