Neighbours Spoilers for next week: Could Elly be sent to prison? Ramsay Street is divided

Feuds, a sad farewell and an unwelcome visitor are just a some of the things facing the residents of Ramsay Street

neighbours elly jail

Things are getting worse for Elly while Bea learns the truth, residents gather to say goodbye to a loved one, but some aren’t invited, while Mackenzie runs into a problem. All this and more in another dramatic week for Neighbours. Here are some highlights of what to look forward to next week (Monday 23rd March – Friday 27th March).


Could Elly Be Sent to Prison?

neighbours elly

Elly is in some serious trouble and has the police breathing down her neck. Whilst Mark is convinced of her innocence, his partner on the case, Sky, isn’t so sure and sets about asking the tough questions. Sky tells Elly that she needs to come clean and confess, it will be better for everyone if she does- especially Aster. Elly though knows she isn’t guilty and seeks help from Toadie, who agrees to help her despite it pitting him against Sky. But with all the information on Finn’s video diaries set to go public, Elly has a more immediate problem on her hands- telling Bea about her and Finn. Bea is devastated to hear the news and makes a hasty retreat. Is there any way back from this betrayal?

Ramsay Street is Divided

neighbours sheila gary death

It’s a sad day for the Canning family as they head to Frankston for Gary’s funeral. When they return for a local wake, a seething Sheila sees red when Susan stops by. Sheila makes it very clear that the blame for her son’s death lies at Susan’s doorstep and she is not welcome at her home. It soon becomes clear that this isn’t something Sheila will come to terms with when she can’t control herself after spotting the Kennedy’s in the street. Cornering Karl, she again voices her opinion and proceeds to make him think about how he feels. Does he, deep down, also blame Susan for allowing Finn to be a part of their lives? It seems that relationships on the street may be damaged beyond repair.

Mackenzie Reveals a Problem

neighbours mackenzie

Dipi is a mess following Gary’s death, and she and Shane are having a few issues as a result. For Mackenzie, this proves problematic as it’s clear she has something important to talk to them about. Despite Shane giving her the go-ahead to speak up, she decides it best she doesn’t as it has been such a turbulent time for them. She does, however, find a friend in Roxy who persuades her to tell her what is wrong. It turns out that her aunt is moving to Fremantle and if Mackenzie can’t convince the Rebecchi’s to let her stay with them, she will have to leave too. Will Mackenzie be forced to say goodbye to Erinsborough? Not if Roxy has anything to do with it.

Has Chloe Made a Huge Mistake?

neighbours chloe

David is still down over not spotting that there was something wrong with Finn, so Mark secretly arranges for him to read Finn’s video transcripts so he can see there was nothing he could have done. It does the trick which causes Chloe to get hold of the videos so Elly can feel better about herself too. The problem is that she didn’t watch them first and it leads to Elly learning that Finn nearly killed Bea for her. Has Chloe done more harm than good? Meanwhile, there is more trouble on the way when Claudia Watkins returns. While she plays nice, it’s clear there is an ulterior motive. What is she up to this time?

Elsewhere on Ramsay Street

Kyle must face the first day of working at The 82 without Gary, and it’s something he is extremely concerned about. However, when he arrives, he sees that he has more help than he expected from some surprising faces. Elsewhere, Toadie lends a hand when Dipi and Shane struggle to connect as she deals with her grief.


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