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6 Neighbours spoilers for next week: Elly makes a big decision, plus Mackenzie gets a new housemate

And tension for the Kennedys...

elly neighbours
Published: Saturday, 25th April 2020 at 6:45 am

Elly Conway has been trying her best to keep herself out of prison for the murder of Finn Kelly.


But her desperation leads her to making a potentially dodgy deal...

Meanwhile, Mackenzie gets a lodger - and it's really not who she was expecting.

Here's your spoilers for Neighbours between Monday 27th April and Friday 1st May.

Elly has a tough choice to make

elly neighbours

Elly Conway faces an impossible decision this week when Toadie informs her that a deal has been set up that should see her avoid going to prison. If she pleads guilty to manslaughter, as opposed to the murder of Finn, then she should be able to come home after the sentencing. But Elly is torn as she will be stuck with a criminal record for a crime she didn’t commit. Whilst everyone tries their best to advise her, with Bea making it clear she thinks it's a terrible idea, it ends up being Aster that leads to a realisation about what she must do. But whatever she decides, it doesn't come without risk. Will Elly take the deal and even if she does, will it help her avoid a potentially lengthy stint behind bars?

Mackenzie gets a housemate

neighbours mackenzie mannix

Thanks, in part, to some advice Roxy, Mackenzie has stayed put in Erinsborough and required a housemate in order to pay the bills at her aunt’s house. Well, she gets that housemate this week and unfortunately for her, it’s none other than Mannix - the criminal who recently cat-fished Jane Harris. When the two begin to chat while watching a TV show, Mackenzie begins to think she has made the right choice, and all will work out. It doesn’t take long, however, before Mannix starts to exhibit some worrying behaviour and Mackenzie will soon realise what a big mistake she has made - in dramatic fashion!

Karl and Susan struggle to connect

neighbours karl susan sheila

It seems that most people hold Susan somewhat to blame for the deaths and heartache that Finn Kelly left behind- even Susan herself can’t help but blame herself for letting him back into their lives. This week though, following a tense grief support group that Susan and Sheila both attend, she overhears Karl fail to defend her when Sheila pushes her view that she is to blame for everything. Susan is compelled to ask Karl outright whether he too holds her responsible. Whilst Karl has Susan’s health as his main focus, he can’t deny that he does, on some level, think it's her fault. Shocked, Susan begins to withdraw from him. Is the Kennedy marriage in trouble once again?

Sheila has money worries

sheila neighbours

It’s been a few weeks since Gary was murdered on the island by the evil Finn and Sheila has been barely holding it together since. This week she is forced to consider selling things that belonged to him when she and Kyle learn how much debt he has left behind - viewers will know that as well as owing Amy a fortune, he had also purchased a car for Prue that was destroyed in the explosion that killed her. Dipi is told what is going on and offers her support, encouraging Sheila to think about selling his possessions. Kyle offers to help her do it to take the pressure off of his gran but even though their financial situation calls for it, is Sheila ready to part with his things when she is struggling so much adjusting to life without Gary?

Elsewhere on Neighbours

neighbours chloe
  • Knowing that Elly is going through a terrible time and the severity of what she is facing, Mark lends a hand and encourages her and Chloe to make amends.
  • On her first day back at Erinsborough High, Susan is immediately faced with a problem. Angela tells her that the parents have all lost faith in her judgement. Will Susan have to resign?

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