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Neighbours in shock kidnap ordeal for Harlow as Hendrix's problems worsen

Will Harlow pay for Hendrix's actions?

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Published: Monday, 1st February 2021 at 7:00 am

Hendrix Greyson (Benny Turland) has long regretted getting involved with Kane Jones (Barry Conrad) in Neighbours, but this week sees everything come crashing down for him and Jay Rebecchi (Dhruv Malge) as not only is Shane (Nicolas Coghlan) seriously injured, but Harlow (Jemma Donovan) gets caught up in the mess.


Things start to unravel when Hendrix steals a gun from one of the players at the card game, convinced he will need it to defend himself from Kane's threats. But when Jay takes it and hides it in the Kennedy pizza oven after nearly being spotted, events take a dangerous turn as it explodes and Shane winds up with a bullet in his leg.

As Shane is rushed to the hospital, Hendrix has no choice but to come clean about everything – which reveals the truth about their son's behaviour to Shane and Dipi (Sharon Johal).

But while everyone tries to process what the two have been up to, a shocked Harlow decides she needs some air. But as she is walking, a van approaches and she is dragged inside leaving only her phone behind at the scene.

hendrix neighbours

Word soon gets back to Ramsay Street that she is missing and the finger of blame points squarely at Kane – and also Hendrix for bringing the trouble into the neighbourhood in the first place.

While Hendrix crumbles with the knowledge that Harlow is in danger because of his actions, Kane is arrested and brought into custody. But when he is questioned, doubt is placed in Yahsvi's (Olivia Junkeer) head as to whether he was the person responsible for taking Harlow.

All the residents of Ramsay Street, including a furious and worried Paul (Stefan Dennis), can do is wait and hope that they hear something soon. But is Kane lying about not taking Harlow and if he isn't, who was responsible?

Meanwhile, Jay is forced to face the music with Shane and Dipi and he will soon find that his parents are considering a harsh line of punishment for what he has been up to. Will they stop him from returning to Sydney?


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