Neighbours’ Shane destroys his friendship with Roxy in vicious outburst

Shane crosses another line.

neighbours shane roxy

Shane Rebecchi (Nicholas Coghlan) has been heading down a dark path in recent weeks on Neighbours and it appears things are set to get far worse before they get better, as his friendship with Roxy Willis (Zima Anderson) seemingly being destroyed in the process.


Roxy has been the only one to know Shane’s dark secret and has been doing all she can to help him battle his addiction – including teaching him to meditate – something that gives Dipi real cause for concern when she walks in on them.

But with Shane determined to keep the secret from his family, he needs Roxy’s help more than ever – but is he about to lose her friendship for good?

Upcoming scenes show Roxy grow suspicious that Shane is using again when she spots a stark change in his mood. She heads over to number 30 to see for herself and, rifling through Shane’s bag, she finds the pills.

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When Shane catches her and she calls him out on his lies, he stuns her by lashing out and being far nastier than she ever thought he was capable of. Accusing her of still having feelings for him, he continues to viciously berate her until a shell-shocked Roxy flees.

But with Roxy being the only one who could tell his family what he has been doing, Shane goes to see her to ask whether what he did will mean she will betray his confidence. But while Roxy agrees to stay quiet, she makes it clear that she wants nothing more to do with him. Is their friendship over for good?

Speaking exclusively to, Sharon Johal spoke about the strain all this will put on Shane and Dipi’s marriage. “She’s always stood by her husband no matter what, but at this point, she is sick of Shane always having an excuse to lie. It’s happened so many times, Dipi can handle the truth of anything as long as she is not the last to know, but he doesn’t seem to learn from 20 years of mistakes and promising to be honest.”

“She is sick of his immaturity and inability to handle communication like an adult. Even if Dipi forgives him for lying about the drugs, there is a serious crack in the marriage that may not be able to be repaired.”


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