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Shane's secret is out in Neighbours, but Erinsborough's drug problem looks set to get worse

Does a corrupt policeman hold the key to the mystery dealer?

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Published: Tuesday, 8th September 2020 at 9:00 am

Shane Rebecchi (Nicholas Coghlan) has been trying to fight his addiction to speed in Neighbours in recent weeks and, following the withdrawals getting too much for him, he left Erinsborough to try and deal with it all on his own.


Toadie (Ryan Moloney) learnt his secret and brought his brother home, not knowing that he was leading him straight into a surprise wedding anniversary meal with his wife, Dipi (Sharon Johal) - a meal that gets ruined when Shane finally confesses all.

And the fallout from the revelation looks set to be huge as not only is Shane and Dipi's wedding set to face its biggest hurdle yet, but it also looks set to put Yashvi (Olivia Junkeer) in a tough spot when she learns that all may not be right with her boss, Dax.

When Shane is hauled in by the police for questioning, Yashvi is left confused when he is swiftly released with no further questioning lined up. Convinced that her father is the one who can lead her to the dealer, she is taken aback when her boss, Dax Braddock (Dean Kirkright), orders to step away from the case and becomes threatening when she pushes the point.

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With alarm bells ringing, she begins to think that Dax may know more than he is letting on and she starts to consider the possibility that he may be corrupt. Voicing her concerns to fellow officer, Levi Canning (Richie Morris), she gets another shock when he tells her that he has suspected Dax for some time and is looking at ways to expose him.

But as the two begin to plot their next move, will they find themselves in danger for trying to go up against one of their own?

Meanwhile, there is tension between Mackenzie Hargreaves (Georgie Stone) and Richie Amblin (Lachie Millar) following the revelation that it was Richie that started Shane down his dark path to begin with. Is it the end of the road for the popular couple, or will they find a way to move forward?


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