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Will Roxy and Kyle get together? Neighbours boss reveals "conflict" for the couple

Fans are dying for them to make it official.

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Published: Friday, 19th June 2020 at 11:06 am

Roxy Willis and Kyle Canning's cute chemistry has seen them hook up and break up numerous times in recent months, but will the two Neighbours become more than good friends on a permanent basis and end up being a proper couple? Who better to ask than the soap's producer…


"We love Roxy and Kyle as a couple," show runner Jason Herbison exclusively told "There is a great chemistry there. However, they are at very different stages of their lives."

Losing dad Gary earlier this year, killed by evil Finn Kelly in the late-night Endgame episodes, has thrown Kyle and prevented him from diving into a full-on relationship with fun-loving Rox.

Deciding to attend grief counselling proved to put an unexpected extra spanner in the works when he met Jess, and began dating the fellow group member as they bonded over their bereavements.

Maintaining to Ms Willis he wasn't ready for romance then starting something semi-serious with another woman riled Roxy up, to the point where she's now left Erinsborough temporarily to get her head together and mend her broken heart.

8073 Sheila (Colette Mann) welcomes home her grandson Kyle (Chris Milligan)

When she eventually returns, is there any hope for these two? Not if Kyle's interfering granny has anything to do with it…

"Sheila is having an issue with their pairing because of the timing and where they find themselves right now, despite the fact that she likes Roxy.

"Going forward, we see the potential for lots of fun in that relationship, but also some conflict…"

Herbison also reassured fans fearing for Karl and Susan Kennedy's future, after their marriage hit the skids following the Finn debacle and almost drove Dr K into the arms of old flame Olivia.

"We wanted there to be long-lasting consequences from the Finn storyline and their relationship had to be affected," he explains. "At this point Susan and Karl can survive anything, and I don't think the audience could cope with them breaking up again!"


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