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Neighbours' Prue Wallace harbours a big secret as Harlow investigates

Family drama at its best

Neighbours Prue
Published: Wednesday, 4th March 2020 at 2:22 pm

Neighbours are about to see more turmoil brought to the Canning household.


Next week in Erinsborough, Prue Wallace (Denise Van Outen) struggles to make amends with her daughter, Harlow Robinson.

Harlow is going through some drama of her own as she still doesn't know where her head's at following her kiss with Hendrix.

But her mind is distracted very quickly when she finds out Prue and Gary are engaged and will be getting married at the Lassiters Wedding Expo!

After much deliberation, she chooses to just let her mother get on with her own life, and works out nothing she can say will change anything anyway.

And just when it looks like they are getting their relationship back on track with a wedding planning day, Harlow makes a surprising discovery.

She spots an email from the Restoration order and the contents of it are set to cause shockwaves around the family... But what does it say?

Neighbours: Gary and Kyle come to blows

At the same time, Gary and Kyle find themselves at odds as the youngster simply can't support his father's fast-tracked wedding.

Wanting to spend his week on Pierce's island for Elly's birthday instead, Kyle insists he won't be at the ceremony.

Kyle is even more put-out when he discovers Gary has bought Prue a brand new car and the pair almost come to blows.

With the Canning family more torn than ever, will the wedding go ahead?

And what will Harlow do now she knows Prue's biggest secret?

Elsewhere in the week, Harlow will speak to Finn Kelly about her family dilemma.

As we've theorised before, Finn could bring about Harlow's untimely demise, as he has previous history with an unhealthy obsession with young girls.


Has she accidentally put herself in more danger?

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