Neighbours lines up shock blast from the past for Nicolette

And Pierce is taking an interest...

audrey neighbours

Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes) has been stirring trouble since she arrived in Erinsborough, but it looks like some unwelcome problems are heading her way in Neighbours next week.


With her eyes set on Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly), she has been making a hobby out of annoying Pierce Greyson (Tim Robards) and continuing to interfere in their marriage. While she has since moved out and relocated to Number 32 – the animosity between her and Pierce is worse than ever.

It looks like he may have the chance to get some revenge though when he spots Nicolette in the middle of a tense conversation with a woman named Audrey Hamilton (Zahra Newman).

Audrey is a friend from Nicolette’s past and it is clear from their first meeting that Nicolette is not thrilled to see her in town. Quizzing her as to why she has turned up announced, Audrey reveals that the two have a murky past that she is trying to atone for.

Stealing a winning lottery ticket from a dying patient, the two have lived with the secret for years but now, Audrey is starting to feel the weight of what they did and wants to come clean. However, Nicolette, who has long spent all the money, insists she does not feel guilty and she has no intention of confessing to what the pair did.

pierce audrey nicolette neighbours

Pierce walks into Harold’s store when the pair are talking and cannot help but notice how unnerved Audrey looks when she is left alone. Certain that she is trouble and Nicolette is making life difficult for her, he sits to speak with Audrey and offers to help fight whatever is going on.

When Nicolette hears she is furious and Pierce soon finds himself having to defend his position from all sides. As for Nicolette, she has dodged a bullet this time, but how long will she able to keep what she did a secret from those around her – especially Jane Harris (Annie Jones).


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