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Exclusive – Neigbours' Aaron and David "silly" to trust Nicolette, says Matt Wilson

What was it like for him to join the show with a dance routine?

matt wilson neighbours
Published: Thursday, 18th March 2021 at 12:22 pm

Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson) has been a popular face on Neighbours for six years now having joined the show, with a dance routine while dressed as a miner no less, back in 2015.


He is now part of one of the most popular couples on the show alongside Takaya Honda as David Tanaka and the family they have is set to grow with a baby on the way with Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes).

Matt has been talking to about his thoughts on the baby storyline, what it was like to film such a full-on first scene on the show, and how the word "buddy" has been a talking point for him with the character of Emmett Donaldson (Ezra Justin).

"I think it's silly," Matt said of Aaron and David putting their faith in Nicolette. "You don’t buy a house with a friend in case you have a falling out, and this is a baby, this a human being and decades of your life. We’ve only just met Nicolette and skeletons have already come out of the closet so I think it’s a silly idea."

As he notes, Nicolette has had more than her fair share of troubling secrets emerge from the closet in recent months and the relationship they have all formed has been a complicated one from the get-go.

Another character who has been a big part of the Brennan and Tanaka household is Emmett. Viewers will know that Aaron has a nickname for him, and it has become somewhat a bit of a running joke to count how many "buddys" we hear in an episode.

"I had to change some of them to mate or dude," Matt admitted, adding: "At first, I kept saying 'buddy' and when he came back the second time it was just in the script everywhere – and it was too much before!"

Emmett is due to make another return in the coming weeks and we will be paying close attention to the dialogue to see if we still get the odd buddy thrown in (it would be strange not to at this point).

mat wilson neighbours debut
Aaron made quite the memorable debut in 2015

Matt also reflected on his debut in the show in 2015 and how nervous he was to join the soap – and given his daring dance debut it's not surprising the whole experience went by in a bit of a blur for him.

"For someone who doesn’t know how to dance it was absolutely daunting. The evolution from then to now is insane. I feel so comfortable with everyone now but on the day, rocking up to set was overwhelming to the point that I can’t remember an entire day. I was scared to meet the actors, I was scared to meet the directors, the lighting guy – everyone."

As for his future on the Channel 5 soap, Matt seems happy with where he is which will hopefully ease the minds of fans who are worried that his time on the show could be coming to an end. "I’m loving it so much. The show is evolving and every few years it turns into something else so it never feels stale for us. It’s the place to be for TV acting in Australia that’s for sure."


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