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Neighbours' Harlow and Paul clash after Prue's death

The ramifications of Prue's death continue to be felt

Published: Tuesday, 14th April 2020 at 6:08 pm

Poor Harlow hasn't had the easiest of lives on Neighbours, all things considered.


From her father being a convicted Bishop family murderer, to her mother abandoning her for a cult, to being bitten by a deadly snake and hearing that her mother was killed in an explosion, it would be fair to say that she has been put through the wringer.

Next week we see that she isn't dealing with her problems as well as her friends and family had hoped.

New boyfriend Hendrix is keen to make sure that he is there for her and he shows some real responsibility by not pushing her to talk - instead just sitting with her while she is permanently attached to her headphones.

As the two sit, Paul and Terese look on and are concerned by how withdrawn Harlow is becoming.

That concern grows when they realise what she has been listening to constantly the last few days - the recording of Prue as she was killed by the explosion.

The pair try to talk to her about it and when Paul reaches for her phone he makes a dreadful mistake and accidentally presses a button that deletes the voice message.

Harlow is devastated that her mother's final words are lost and Paul has no idea how he can even begin to make things right with her.

Luckily, Mark Brennan tells Harlow that the police do have a copy of the recording and that she will be allowed to have it once it's finished being used in the Finn investigation.

This allows Harlow and Paul to take a positive step in ironing out their differences - but not for long.

Neighbours, Jemma Donovan

As talk turns to Prue's memorial, a suggestion from Roxy that some of the Restoration Order's beliefs are incorporated into the ceremony does not sit well with Paul, and he's even more shocked when Harlow agrees that it's a good idea - no matter what they were like, they meant a lot to her mother.

The two find themselves at odds yet again and as the service for Prue begins at Number 22 with friends and family arriving to offer support, will Harlow's own grandfather show up to be there for her?


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