Harlow is arrested in Neighbours drug bust shock – is this the start of a slippery slope?

Has the squeaky clean teen become a bad girl?

neighbours harlow arrested

Neighbours is lining up a big shock for Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan) who is arrested in a drugs bust at boyfriend Hendrix Greyson’s 18th birthday party. Has the clean-cut school really turned into a one-woman crimewave?


Discovering her fella is insisting on a lowkey policy for his upcoming milestone, Harlow reckons he deserves a fuss and plans a surprise party at the backpackers for him and all his mates.

The bash gets underway on Neighbours on Thursday 23rd July, and Hendrix is the happiest birthday boy in the world when he sees the effort his thoughtful girlfriend has gone to.

However, the party is over – literally – when horrified Harlow finds a bag full of drugs stashed at the venue. Trainee cop Yashvi Rebecchi is forced to do the right thing and arrest her friend, despite her pleading it’s all a some kind of terrible misunderstanding.

neighbours harlow arrested

Even Vi knows deep down well-behaved Harlow would never get mixed up in narcotics, but she has no choice but to call it on and Constable Levi Canning is soon on the scene.

Harlow is absolutely terrified as the situation escalates and she is told she will have to spend the night in a prison cell!

How on earth has Harlow ended up with a drugs stash? Who put them there? And if all the evidence does point to her looking guilty, could the swotty student end up behind bars for something she didn’t do?

Maybe someone has framed her, but who would have it in for Paul Robinson’s goodie-goodie granddaughter?

neighbours harlow arrested

It’s another blow for Harlow, who has already endured a very traumatic 2020 so far with the death of her mother Prue Wallace, who perished in a bomb planted by Finn Kelly at Lassiters’ wedding expo during Neighbours’ explosive 35th anniversary week back in March.

And the teenager has consistently clashed with granddad Paul over her relationship with Hendrix, and supported best mate Mackenzie Hargreaves through her difficult transitioning. Let’s hope she’s not locked up to top it all…


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