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Neighbours to air heartbreaking scenes as Fay Brennan passes away - while Chloe makes a surprising proposition

It's a tough time for the Brennan family.

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Published: Monday, 29th March 2021 at 6:00 am

Devastating scenes await Neighbours fans next week, as Chloe and Aaron Brennan (April Rose Pengilly and Matt Wilson) have to say a heartbreaking final goodbye to their mum, Fay (Zoe Bertram), when she passes away while staying at number 24.


Fay came to Erinsborough to tick some things off her bucket list and everyone has been helping her complete as many experiences as possible. But when she tried a truffle as part of a special dessert tasting experience, she accidentally ingested some of it and complications quickly arose.

Next week, Aaron and Chloe learn how bad things really are, and Fay is forced to reveal that she now has far less time with them than she originally thought. It soon becomes clear that she is already waning and the two, along with David Tanaka and Nicolette Stone (Takaya Honda and Charlotte Chimes) work to give her one last memorable day.

As Fay's condition worsens, the family gather to watch videos of them all when they were younger and they all try to enjoy the moment, rather than focus on it being one long goodbye to their mum.

But the time does come and Fay peacefully slips away, but not before feeling her unborn grandchild kick for the first time while sharing a tender moment with Nicolette.

All devastated, Chloe and Aaron make plans to return to Adelaide for the funeral, but not before Chloe shocks Nicolette with a surprising proposition that leaves her flustered. Will Nicolette accept Chloe's request to head to the bedroom, or will she realise that it may well be the grief talking?

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Fay's demise is not the only big storyline on Ramsay Street next week, as Olivia Bell (Alyce Plat) falls victim to a nasty accident - one that will leave the finger of suspicion pointing directly at Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher).

Determined to make sure Olivia stays out of their lives, Karl loses his temper with her when she turns up at Erinsborough High. He tells her exactly what he thinks of her, prompting her to step backwards and take a shocking tumble down the stairs.

Karl tries to help her, but when the police get involved he realises they will have every reason to assume that he was the one who pushed her. Is the local doctor set for a stint behind bars for a crime he did not commit?


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