Finn Kelly continues to cause chaos from beyond the grave in Neighbours, particularly for beleaguered Bea Nilsson (Bonnie Anderson) who is reeling from the discovery her dead ex cheated with her sister Elly Conway (Jodi Anasta).


While Bea has agreed to forgive the betrayal, Elly is now implicated in old flame Finn's death and faces a murder charge, paving the way for Anasta's upcoming exit from the show. In an exclusive interview with, Anderson reveals all about the siblings being torn apart, saying goodbye to her co-star, and why Bea refuses to let Finn win…

What prompted Bea to ask Elly to move back home?
Bea felt completely betrayed but then reckoned the only way to get through this is for the family to unite, let it go and move forward. It's very brave and mature of her but she doesn't want Finn to win. He has tried to destroy them before, Bea won't allow him to do it again. She is the real rock throughout all of this. Despite what went on between Elly and Finn, her family comes first.

What impact does watching Finn's video diaries have?
It's quite confronting. Bea really starts to feel sorry for Elly and sees what Finn was going through. He tells the story of their kiss, every little detail, which is full-on for Bea and Elly to watch but it recreates their bond and makes them stronger. Bea is a fair person, and sees Finn was unhealthily obsessed with her sister. She won't forget what happened, but will definitely forgive.

How does this lead into Elly's upcoming exit?
There is a lot to come before Elly leaves. Jodi is such a great actor and it's special to watch it all unfold. What I can say is Elly's exit is very emotional, and the reason why she leaves is because it's what is best for her and her daughter Aster. That's all I'm telling you!

Will you miss working with Jodi?
It's so sad for Bea, and for Bonnie! I lose my on-screen sister, my best mate from the show, Jodi really has become like a real-life sister to me.

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What about the feud between the Kennedys and the Cannings following Gary's death?
It is a really tough time. Bea thinks the families should do some counselling, come together and find strength that way. Susan is a very special lady and has never done anything to deliberately hurt anyone, deep down Sheila knows that but she is grieving and hurting. There is more of the storyline ahead, but both families possibly could be stronger than ever on the other side of this.

Finn is dead, Elly is leaving - what's next for Bea?
There is a lot more for her to do. For instance, we haven't met her dad yet. He is out there and it would be cool to explore that relationship, although there are no immediate plans. Apparently he's this Swedish guy, I don't know if I look Swedish at all! I'd love for Bea's mum Liz to come back, that could be fun. Debra Lawrance comes in and out, usually to muck things up for Bea! I love working with her and the contrast of Liz and Susan as these opposite sisters is great.

Is there any hope of Bea and Ned reuniting?
I thought they were so cute together but the fans love Yashvi and Ned and they're great, so I don't think Bea can go back to him. We'll see if some hot guy comes into the show - or girl! Who knows on Ramsay Street?!


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