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Neighbours confirms return for Des Clarke

There's unfinished business between Des and Jane.

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Published: Tuesday, 1st September 2020 at 10:59 am

With the character not getting the happy ending that we all thought he had been given following the recent return of Jane Harris to Neighbours, Des Clarke (Paul Keane) will be returning to Ramsay Street once more - presumably for a bit of a chat with Jane.


Originally appearing from the shows first episode in 1985 until late 1990, Des has made two brief returns to the soap - once in 2015 and another earlier this year as part of the 35th anniversary celebrations. His return this time is a little less cheerful as he arrives to speak to his ex following the implosion of their relationship at the hands of her daughter Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes).

But it is Nicolette herself that brings Des to town this week as she plans to make things right after all the trouble she caused for them both - only Jane is none too pleased to learn that she has interfered in her life once again.

But the reunion does allow Jane and Des time to talk and they both realise they have left a lot of things unsaid, not just from recent events, but from their long history together. Is there a chance for another reunion between these two, or will they realise they are better off as good friends?

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As for Jane and Nicolette, the relationship between them remains tense but as they sit down to discuss all the problems they have had with each other, will they be able to find common ground and move forward?

In another bit of casting news, it was recently revealed that Tim Robards is leaving Neighbours and the role of Pierce Greyson is set to be recast with Don Hany stepping into his shoes. Don't get too used to this new Pierce, however, as it has been confirmed that Don will only be playing the role for Pierce's final few weeks on the show.

The character is currently expecting a baby with his wife, Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly) and it appears that he is in the early stages of a love triangle with newcomer Nicolette having her eyes firmly set on Chloe.


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